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Terra Gaia by Terra Group

Terra Gaia by Terra Group


Colorful world of Terra

Terra Gaia by Terra Group

Blue-footed booby

Blue-footed booby, Galapagos

Terra Gaia by Terra Group


Local boy in Bolivia

Terra Gaia by Terra Group


Hiking in Chile

Terra Gaïa, bespoke travel - Traveling is only worthwhile if it is extraordinary!

Category: Local Operators
Terra Gaïa is a new concept adopted by a selection of 8 highly committed and cutting-edge local agencies from Terra Group DMC network, including 5 agencies based in South America. They all share a strong vision about the future of tourism and leading the way with an innovative approach, considering that the only way to travel is by experiencing the Extraordinary, allowing for a transformational experience and positive impact in the destination.

Terra Gaïa Latin America represents:

Terra Argentina
Terra Bolivia
Terra Brazil
Terra Chile
Terra Ecuador

Traveling is only worthwhile if it is extraordinary!

In other words, the added value of each of our trips should be greater than its carbon footprint.

For the discerning traveler this means personal growth, well-being, broadened horizons, stress reduction, learning opportunities, increased creativity, local immersion and cultural exchange.
For the host destination this means environmental conservation, infrastructure development, improved social conditions, cultural preservation, economic growth, and promotion of Peace.

The concept is to travel less but longer with a once in a lifetime experience, that sparks the imagination, from a family treasure hunt, wildlife conservation project, or following the steps of great explorers such as Charles Darwin, always with a deeper local immersion, lower carbon impact, and customized to your needs by our local experts.

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Head office
Terra Gaia by Terra Group
46 avenue Paul Dalbret

ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association)

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Celine Fortin
+34 633179371