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LATA's Safety Scheme

The LATA Safety Scheme was set up by LATA with the aim of improving safety standards in accommodation and transport across Latin America for the benefit of all travellers to the region and to maintain the competitiveness of Latin America as a destination.

A qualified team of safety consultants are employed by LATA to manage the scheme.

The LATA Safety Scheme is available to all LATA members and is included as part of the LATA Membership fee.


  • Regular updates from our Safety consultants and full access to the web-based accommodation database
  • Email updates when hotel, transport or cruise ship status changes
  • An annual Safety seminar in the UK with our appointed consultants
  • Possible reductions in public liability insurance premiums


Please bear in mind that the LATA scheme can only ever be a part of your overall strategy for reducing the risk to you and your clients and it should not be relied upon as a stand-alone process. Please refer to the Terms of Participation before using the scheme. LATA has to balance the effectiveness of its safety scheme to members, with the time and expense of communications and the impact this has on membership fees and as a result the LATA schemes focus on the most common areas of serious risk. As a first step you should always ensure that all your suppliers observe and comply with local regulations.

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