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Legendary Peru

Legendary Peru

Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary

Ancient citadel located in Cusco and one of the Seven Wonders

Legendary Peru

Inti Raymi Festival

Each year on June 24 (the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere) Cusco celebrates the Inca Festival of the Sun – Inti Raymi (Quechua for "sun festival") is a religious ceremony of the Inca Empire. Created by Inca Pachacutec, Inti Raymi was a tribute to the venerated Sun God Inti (Quechua for "sun")

Legendary Peru

Uros Island at the Titicaca Lake

These unique floating islands are Lake Titicaca’s top attraction. Their uniqueness is due to their construction. They have been created entirely with the buoyant totora reeds that grow abundantly in the shallows of the lake.

Legendary Peru

Ballestas Islands

The Ballestas Islands lie off the southern coast of Peru, near the city of Pisco. Rich in marine life, the uninhabited islands are home to sea lions, pelicans, Peruvian boobies and Humboldt penguins.

Legendary Peru

The Rainforest at Puerto Maldonado

Puerto Maldonado, capital of the southern jungle that offers an incredible biodiversity

Legendary Peru

The city of Chan Chan

It is considered the largest citadel made of mud-bricks of the pre-Columbian world.

Legendary Peru

Historic center of Lima

Lima, current capital of Peru, was also the capital of the Spanish viceroyalty in South America. It is known as “La Ciudad de los Reyes” (The City of Kings) due to its beautiful palaces, masons, churches and colonial convents that shelter jewels and pieces of art of priceless historical value.

Legendary Peru

Tumbes beaches

A place to relax with warm waters and a lot of adventures activities and the perfect experience of our Marine Life

Legendary Peru

Caral City

Caral is located in the central coast of Peru, north of Lima, and it is considered to be the first civilization in America, since it emerged approximately 5,000 years ago.

Legendary Peru

Qapac Ñan or Inca trail

he Qhapaq Ñan in Quechua also means "The Great Way," which consists of a complex road system (pre-Inca and Inca paths) that during the fifteenth century the Incas unified and built as part of a major political, military, and ideological and administrative project that became known as Tahuantinsuyo.

Legendary Peru

The Nasca Lines

These are geoglyphs showing geometric, animal, bird, plant and zoomorphic figures that can only be seen from above in the sky.

Legendary Peru

Manu National Park

t is located in the departments of Cusco and Madre de Dios, southeast of the Peruvian Amazon jungle. The park lodges around 1200 bird species and 200 mammals; 120 varied fish and reptile species as well as more than one million insect species.

Legendary Peru

Kuelap Fortress

Impressive stone fortress built by the Chachapoyas pre Inca Culture (1300 AD). It is noted for its high walls that reach 20 m (66 feet)in height and for the beauty of its circular houses decorated with friezes

Legendary Peru

Llanganuco Lagoons

Llanganuco Lagoon (which is comprised of two lagoons: the Warmicocha or female lagoon and the Orcococha or male lagoon) are formed by the thawing of the ice from two of the most emblematic mountains in Áncash: the Huascarán and the Huandoy.

Legendary Peru

Santa Catalina Monastery

A small walled citadel with cloisters, plazas, streets, straw roofs & paved floors which was inagurated in 1580 as a retreat for female members of religious orders.

Legendary Peru

The Condor flight

Go Birdwatchig at the Colca Valley and see the famous Condor flight

Legendary Peru

Locals ladies

Local ladies from Cusco with their beautiful lama

Legendary Peru

Kayaking at the Titicaca lake

You can live an incredible experience kayaking through the Titicaca lake in Puno

Legendary Peru

Rafting at Cusco

Rafting at the Apurimac River in Cusco

Legendary Peru

Sky Lodge suites

At Skylodge Adventure Suites you can sleep within a completely transparent hanging bedroom; that allows you to appreciate the impressive view of the Sacred Valley by night surrounded by the Milky Way.

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Just wanted to let you know that our trip to Peru was awesome. We had perfect weather and everything we planned to do went really well. I wanted to let you know that Silvana Tours was more than excellent. The tour guides that we worked with were extremely knowledgeable, professional, pleasant and always on time. I would highly recommend them to anyone travelling to Peru. We really enjoyed the Amazon and the tour guides that were provided. We stayed in two different lodges (totally enclosed), went white water rafting and even tried zip lining. Quite an adventure! So thank you for helping us plan such a wonderful trip!

Ginnie Bondy, DE

Greetings to all Silvana Tours. With this we want to thank you all for arranging a trip simply wonderful, that will always remain in our hearts, next to the memory of a beautiful country, with unforgettable landscapes, cordial people and… a spectacular meal! Thank you very much.

Laura Zonta & Alessandro Corrain, IT

We are satisfied by the entire organization as a whole. We think it could not be better. Thank you.

Arianna Michelon, IT

We Thank you for the splendid trip that you organized for us in Perú and also for the professionalism and disposal of your staff, demostrated in each circumstance.

Rick Dillard, US

The organization of all the tour was a 100% success, we will return to France very satisfied, thank you for your kindness and good advice. We want to thank all of you and send our Best Regards y wishes to Silvana Tours.

Louis Dapremot, FR

I have to say that the entire organization of Silvana Tours has functioned perfectly, everything was on time, excelent transportation, very kind and outgoing guides, top the line hotels and delicious meals.

Solveiga Mikalonis, LT

I have just return from the magnificent Perú where I felt as if I was at home, everything was great, I will definitely recommend you to my friends, thank you for all your help, please give my kindest regards to all Silvana Tours Friends.

Peter Hauser, CH

I would like to say that everything was arranged perfectly - thank you! It was very enjoyable and a great experience. All the guides, drivers and transfer people were friendly, professional and very helpful. We look forward to working with Silvana Tours again in the future for any arrangements for Insights Tours guests.

John Tuckerman, AU

Peru is indeed the most beautiful and interesting country I have visited and I enjoyed every moment of my travels there as also meeting and talking with the friendly people there. I will also always remember all the help and kindness you extended to me during my stay in the different parts of Peru and the warmth you exuded towards me. After my arrival in Mumbai I was still getting over the fine memories of Peru Thanks so much.

Nafisa Khapra, IN

Thank you, Thank you so much You have organized a wonderful trip in all sense !!

Antonella Pirovano, IT

Happy Monday. I spoke to the client yesterday and he was very happy with all you services and thought everything went beautifully Thank you for all you help. Hasta la Proxima. !

David Waldes, 0

We would like to send you a very deep thank you for the perfect organisation of our trip Mistral just finished. A particular thank to our tour leader Victor that was able to manage the group with the necessary leadership but always with smile! We appreciate every think in the trip: the beauty of Peru, the cleaness of hotels nd transportation, the quality of foods. Best regards

Isabella Ghislandi & Federico Pochettino, IT

Dear All, I wanted to thank you all personally for putting together a fantastic package for the Alex Hooley group all went extremely well, both the clients and myself were very impressed with all aspects of the trip. The planning and execution were exceptional, I particularly liked the two guides Franklin & Alfredo’s interaction and professional management of the group, additionally their in depth knowledge around flora and fauna, their insight guiding the group around Machu Picchu and local knowledge was outstanding.

Phil Asher, GB

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