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Conditions of Membership

All new membership applications will be circulated to the existing members, and are then subject to approval by the LATA Committee.

If you sell or market* your product in the UK or EU, you must comply fully with all the relevant legislation for Consumer Protection. It is a condition of LATA membership that you fulfil with the following criteria:

  1. If you sell or arrange on behalf of your clients any flights (this includes internal flights) as part of your product, you must hold a valid ATOL and supply us with the number.
  2. If you do not arrange any flights, but your product forms a package (any combination of accommodation, transport or activities) you fall under the Package Travel Regulations and we will need written confirmation of how you comply. If you operate a Trust account to protect your clients then we need written confirmation from the Trustee, and evidence of a suitable insurance level per passenger to cover the case where there are not enough funds in the Trust account in the event of a claim.
  3. If you sell strictly accommodation only, then you must inform us of that fact.

*we consider that you market your product in the UK if you provide a UK contact telephone number.

If you are neither based in nor market your product in the EU then you must comply with any local regulations that apply to travel companies.

If you cease to comply with the above after joining you will no longer be eligible for membership.

Companies that are accepted for membership must all agree to abide by and conform with the procedures and rules set out in the LATA Constitution

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