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LATA Constitution

Last revised April 2016

1.All LATA members must agree to abide by and conform to the procedures and rules set out in the LATA Constitution.

a. The name of The Latin American Travel Association is herein referred to as LATA
b. The Committee shall have as its title “Committee of the Latin American Travel Association”
c. Companies which are accepted for membership will agree to abide by and conform with the procedures and rules which have been adopted and are set out below
d. The registered address of LATA shall be that of the Honorary Treasurer in office at the time or such other address as the Honorary Treasurer may designate.

2. The objectives of LATA are:

a. To bring together representatives of the Latin American Travel Association at regular intervals to develop a closer working relationship and create a better understanding of travel matters which relate to Latin America.
b. To stimulate the growth of travel to Latin America
c. To improve press coverage and media profile of Latin America
c. To share information on products and destinations between members and ultimately develop a regular news letter
d. To inform and to advise Latin American travel suppliers on requirements of the UK and Ireland marketplace
e. To improve public awareness of Latin America as a tourism destination
f. To organise promotional events on behalf of members
g. To seek to ensure the competitiveness of Latin America in all sectors of tourism
h. To encourage increased standards across all aspects of travel in Latin America, particularly those which may affect the welfare and safety of clients.

3. In pursuance of these objectives LATA shall in no case impose on its members any limitations whatsoever arising from differences of sex, race, religion, political opinions or social standards

4. The Committee shall be responsible to the members for the management and control of the Association, abiding by the Association rules at all times.

a. Co-ordination of the opinions and activities of LATA
b. Study and advise on matters relevant to LATA with the object of making recommendations which it may consider necessary to the General Meeting.
c. Examination of proposals resulting from (b) for recommendation at the Annual General Meeting.
d. Appointment of working/study groups for specific projects.
e. The Committee may co-opt any paid-up member for any special purpose, however, such a member shall not be entitled to vote at Committee meetings.

5. a. It shall be the right of members to bear the title, “Member of the Latin American Travel Association”.
b. To appoint a delegate to vote at Annual General Meetings.
c. To nominate one candidate for election to the Committee

6. Only fully paid up members have the right to use the title of Member of LATA and use its logo in any promotional literature.

7. Any member may resign from LATA. Such resignation shall be made by letter addressed to the Committee of LATA, c/o the Honorary Secretary.

8. The Committee of LATA may recommend the suspension or termination of any of its members who:

a. fail to conform to the present Rules of LATA
b. causes moral or material damage to LATA or any of its members
c. has not paid the annual subscription to LATA within 3 months of the date upon which payment is due

9. The Committee shall comprise at least 8 members. Officers of the Committee shall be:

Vice-Chairman Honorary Secretary Honorary Treasurer

Members of the Committee shall serve a two year term from the date of the Annual General Meeting at which they are elected. At the first Committee meeting following the AGM the officers shall be elected by their fellow Committee members and shall serve a two year term. At the end of the two year term Committee members may offer themselves for re-election.

In the event of any office or Committee place becoming vacant other than at the annual election, the remaining members of the Committee may fill the vacancy, by co-option if necessary, until the next annual election.
Alternatively, the remaining members of the Committee may decide that the vacancy shall remain unfilled until the next annual election.

Candidates for election to the Committee must be paid up members in good standing.

The Committee may not have more than one delegate from one company.

The Honorary Secretary shall invite members of LATA to submit nominations for vacancies on the Committee no later than one month prior to the scheduled date of the AGM which must be held by 31 July each year.
Written confirmation of a nominee’s willingness to stand must be obtained in writing and submitted with the nomination.

LATA members will vote for appointees to the Committee during the AGM. The responsibilities of the officers are as follows:

The chairman shall preside at all Assemblies and meetings of the general membership and the Committee of LATA on all occasions and in all places as may be necessary. He/she shall supervise the activities of the Committee and its officers.

The Vice-chairman shall take the place of the chairman when the latter is not available and undertake other duties as agreed.

The Honorary Secretary shall:
a. draft and send out notices of general and committee meetings
b. receive, reply to and mail all correspondence
c. submit requests for admission of new members to the committee for approval
d. prepare agendas for all meetings
e. prepare an annual report which, after approval by the committee, shall be submitted for approval to the Annual General Meeting.
f. appoint a professional Public Relations Consultant in conjunction with the Committee and review this appointment annually.
g. appoint an Administration Secretary to undertake day to day communication tasks, and to assist the Honorary Secretary in his/her tasks.
h. make available on request the Minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings.

The Honorary Treasurer shall keep the accounts of LATA. He/she shall manage the Association’s funds in accordance with the rules of LATA.

He/she shall make all payments of expenses incurred on behalf of LATA and approved by the committee and shall receive all monies of income arising.
He/she shall submit an Annual Report and Balance Sheets to the committee, which, after audit, shall be submitted to the AGM for approval.

No meeting of the Committee shall be valid if fewer than four members currently entitled to membership of the Committee are represented.

If a quorum is not present at any meeting, the Honorary Secretary shall give official notification of a further meeting to be held not more than 42 days after the original date set for the meeting with the original Agenda being followed and no quorum will be required to validate the meeting.

In the absence of an official committee member, substitutes authorised by the absent member may attend Committee Meetings and shall be able to use a proxy vote on any subject where they have been so directed by their official committee member.


The Committee may invite one or more individuals to be LATA Counsellors, who shall serve a one year term at the end of which he/she may be re-invited. A LATA Counsellor is responsible to the Committee and does not form part of the Committee. His/her duties are to represent and promote the Association worldwide, and they will be an Honorary Member of the Association.


The annual rates of subscriptions shall be fixed by the Committee from time to time in accordance with its financial commitments.

These per capita subscriptions shall fall due on 1st March each year and shall be paid to the Treasurer not later than 31st March in the same year.

The books and accounts of the Committee shall be kept by the Honorary Treasurer and shall be open for inspection at any reasonable time by any member upon application to the Honorary Treasurer. The books, documents and accounts of LATA shall be open for inspection at any time by the Honorary Auditor and the accounts shall be audited annually by the Honorary Auditor.

At the close of each financial year the Honorary Treasurer shall prepare annual accounts, including a balance sheet, showing the financial position of LATA. After such annual accounts and balance sheets have been certified by the Honorary Auditor, they shall be submitted by the Honorary Treasurer to the AGM together with his/her Annual Report. The financial year of LATA shall end on 28th February in each year, to which the Annual Accounts shall be prepared.

The Honorary Treasurer shall discharge all due debts of the Committee. A bank account shall be maintained in the name of LATA into which receipts of money shall be lodged intact as soon as possible. Cheques drawn on the account of £2000 or less shall require a single signatory. Cheques in excess of £2000 shall require two signatories.

The Honorary Treasurer shall invest any surplus funds that may accrue from time to time in interest-bearing accounts.

An Honorary Auditor shall be elected by the LATA members each AGM. He/she is responsible to the Committee of LATA and shall submit a report on the examination of the Annual Accounts and Balance sheet, presented by the Honorary Treasurer and of the financial management of the Committee prior to the AGM each year.

The Honorary Auditor is responsible to the Committee and does not form part of the Committee. His/her duties are to examine and verify the accounts prepared by the Honorary Treasurer for which purpose he/she may require the production of any and all documents relative to the accounts to be verified and to verify the state of the funds of the Association to the Committee.

13. Amendments to the rules of LATA shall be made only at an EGM or AGM. Such amendments must be agreed by two-thirds of the voting membership present at the said EGM or AGM, either in person or by proxy, and will take effect immediately once approved. Any proposed amendments to the rules of LATA must be sent to all LATA members not less than one month prior to the meeting at which the vote is scheduled to take place.

14. In the event that LATA is wound up, any surplus assets will be distributed to its members. If, however, the members collectively decide to make a charitable donation then any surplus assets prior to the winding up may be applied for such charitable objects.

Any decision to dissolve LATA must be made by a majority vote of the Members present at a General Meeting, either in person or by proxy. Notice of any such General Meeting, along with details of any winding up proposals to be put to a vote, must be sent to all LATA members not less than one month prior to the date on which the meeting is scheduled to take place.

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