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Gentian Trails

Gentian Trails - The Authentic Experience

Category: Local Operators
When we created Gentian Trails in 2006, we already understood the meaning of ''authenticity'' as it is expressed in our logo as part of our philosophy; nowadays we have gone deeper and propose a variety of places that can evoke a feeling of delight, and what most of them have in common is their remoteness (mountains, jungle, islands, cloud forest, paramos), this way we are redefining travel, being our aim to reconnect people with our most precious source, nature! We love a participatory travel and one of our challenges is to encourage our guests the art of making, to acquire a new skill or to explore into one's interests, so, do things and engage with the environment – rather than observe is the purpose.

Contact details

Head office
Gentian Trails
Av. 6 de Diciembre N32-623 y Bossano. Edificio Liberty Plaza, Of. 1003 y 1004


2nd certification Traveller Made Grand DMC Champion 2020
Rainforest Alliance, LATA, Transformational Travel Council

General Enquiries

Eleonora Ortiz
+593-2-603-6706 / +593-2-603-6707

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