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Crees Manu

Crees Manu

Manu Learning Centre

The Manu Learning Centre (MLC) sits majestically above the riverbanks of the Alto Madre de Dios River. The fusion of indigenous Matsiguenka principles and modern comfort allows the MLC to blend into the rainforest whilst providing rustic comfort for visitors. Primarily a research and education centre, the on-going investigations in climate change, carbon sequestration and biodiversity provide visitors a unique opportunity to understand the behind the scenes mechanisms of conservation research, whilst observing the phenomenal biodiversity. The MLC provides a lens into the cultural and geographical importance of the rainforest an incredible opportunity to explore its 650 hectare reserve.

Crees Manu

Romero Lodge

crees other lodge set within primary rainforest in the heart of the Manu National Park (Reserved Zone)

Crees Manu

Biogarden Building

Volunteers helping to construct a biogarden for one of our local beneficiaries in Salvacion.

Crees Manu


One of the main projects run by the foundation to get people planting trees as a sustainable income source and away from the destructive practices such as logging and mining.

Crees Manu

Conservation Research

One of the monitoring programmes at the MLC is the butterfly monitoring project we have recorded over 650 different species on the reserve to date.

Crees Manu


The rainforest is teeming with many different primates and we have 13 different species at the MLC.

Crees Manu

Canopy Access

We run Canopy Access courses from the MLC this is great for researchers and those wanting to see more of the wildlife up in the canopy that w don't see from below. We also have a project running called Tree Top Manu where we install cameras all over the Manu Biosphere Reserve to record new species and animal behaviour we can't normally record.

Crees Manu


What better place to relax and practice yoga than in to the sounds of the rainforest - we run yoga tours to Manu .

Crees Manu

Trekking through the rainforest

We have over 25 km of trails to explore at the MLC lots of opportunity to see the incredible biodiversity of this region.

crees - conservation, research and environmental education towards sustainability

Category: Local Operators
The crees concept was founded in Peru in 2002. Through developing business, philanthropic and educational activities, crees merges sustainability into different activities showing how it is possible to create balance and add value to the environment, society and the economy simultaneously. crees is an ethical and sustainable organisation that uses responsible tourism to fund projects that build a more sustainable Amazon. crees provides an extraordinary opportunity to visit the rainforest, get up close to the amazing wildlife, interact with local communities and experience the rainforest alongside leading scientists and conservation experts working at their lodges. Each tour provides visitors affordable and unforgettable experiences that deepen visitor’s understanding of the Amazon and its people.
crees foundation: (2003) The crees foundation is a well-recognised and leading conservation and sustainable development not-for-profit organisation that undertakes and manages sustainable initiatives in the Manu Biosphere Reserve. With established partnerships with leading international universities and scientists, the Foundation manages projects that generate information and advice to support and guide natural protected area management and global understanding of issues such as climate change and sustainable practices.
crees is a leading sustainable tourism and educational tour company operating in the Manu Biosphere Reserve. Specialists in operating and managing expeditions to the area for the ultimate rainforest experience. We also operate expeditions for volunteers, research groups, universities and schools. We manage and operate the Manu Learning Centre, a research and education centre in the Manu Biosphere Reserve & Romero Lodge in the Manu National Park.

Specialist countries

The Manu Classic: Manu In-depth Tour 5D4N, The Legacy Traveller 7D6N, 4 Week Experiential Learning Programme View all >

Contact details

Head office
Crees Manu
Urb. Mariscal Gamarra B-5
Zona 1
Crees Manu

+51 84 262433

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General Enquiries

Francesca Lewis
+44 (0) 2075 812932

Just wanted to email to say that we had a fabulous time in Peru! Loved every minute of it! Very well organised and ran like clockwork, so thanks for making that happen. All our guides and drivers were great, especially Ronald at Crees. He know EVERYTHING and is so sweet. We loved out time in the rainforest and the MLC is such a beautiful place to stay.

Beale Family, Tourism, GB

“The quality of the lodge was comfortable, beautiful.. everything was great.. very nice and caring staff.. it was 5-star service.”

Pierre, Tourist, FR

"Working with and living amongst an incredibly caring and knowledgeable group has been a joy. I feel I’ve learnt a vast amount, not just about the MLC, Peru or environmental issues in general but about myself as a person"

Matt, Volunteer, US

My husband and I traveled to Manu with Crees in November 2011. Crees made the trip easy and carefree. All of the logistics were well orchestrated. The staff was extremely helpful, friendly, and knowledgable. We loved our vacation. Manu, the trip down Manu road and the river, and the wildlife were amazing. We can't wait to go back some day and would definitely travel with Crees again!

Debbie, GB

The best place in South America for big cats! Wonderful set up and wonderful people , crees is fighting the good fight!

Charlie, GB

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