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Chile Tourism Board

Tourism promotion of Chile in the world

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We are Chile, we are the government.
Nationally known as SERNATUR (National Tourism Service), but internationally known as

From the driest desert in the world up north to eternal glaciers and inverted waterfalls down south, Chile extends travelers an invitation that is hard to turn down.

Learn about tourism in Chile, and you will be amazed by all of the experiences you can find at the southern tip of the world.

Choose Chile. Where the impossible is possible. Space observation in the Atacama Desert, thousand-year-old glaciers in the far south, magical forests and lakes lying at the foot of extraordinary volcanoes. Islands full of legends, wine traditions, incredible challenges to take on, and the capital city of Santiago with its airs of modernity and accessibility.

An extensive territory with wide horizons that will make you feel alive, get you in touch with nature and invite you to explore pristine lands. A true test of your senses, where its people and culture will offer a pleasant surprise with their friendliness and hospitality. A completely new experience where the whales can fly, the desert yields flowers, and you can enjoy the four seasons of the year in a single day. A place where the impossible is possible.

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