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Tierra Hotels

Stylish hideaways in Chile. Adventure spa|Sustainable living|Warm hospitality

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Tierra Hotels is a family of boutique hotels located in spectacular destinations in Chile. Guests are encouraged to enjoy a wide variety of inspired expeditions, authentic dining and lodges that exude relaxation and comfort in their very design.
With enchanting settings, each with its own breath-taking view, our three lodges await the discerning traveler. Moving your way from north to south, you will find Tierra Atacama in the starry desert of the altiplano. Tierra Chiloé among the austral waters of the Pacific Ocean and at the ends of the earth Tierra Patagonia.
Tierra Hotels offers seamless vacations in far-away places that feel like home.

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Tierra Hotels
Renato Sanchez 4270, Las Condes

+56-2-22630595 (Fax)

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Fiona Martin

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