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Anakonda Amazon Cruises

Anakonda Amazon Cruises


The Luxury- Comfort river cruise in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest.

Anakonda Amazon Cruises


The Luxury-Adventure expedition vessel in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest.

Anakonda Amazon Cruises

Mantaraya Lodge

A cozy, Mediterranean-style retreat.

We lead travellers into the wonders of the Ecuadorian Amazon

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Anakonda Amazon Cruises allows guests from all over the world to explore the remote ecosystems of the Ecuadorian Amazon while enjoying the comforts, amenities, and services of a 5-star boutique river hotel.

Our cruise line features two vessels, the Anakonda and the Manatee. The Anakonda was the winner of the 2016 World Travel Awards as South America's Leading Boutique Cruise. Both vessels are the perfect way to discover one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, the Amazon Rainforest. They offer a highly prized experience characterized by first class facilities, exceptional culinary offerings, and a unique Amazonian cultural immersion.

Anakonda Amazon Cruises was founded by CEO Raúl García, or ¨El Capi¨ as everybody knows him, a travel expert and ecotourism entrepreneur with more than 40 years of experience developing responsible and sustainable tourism practices. Raúl’s work is motivated by a deep commitment to meld conservationism with unique travel experiences.

We offer a once-in-a-lifetime luxury experience built on a sustainable tourism model that helps local communities and protects endangered animal species—the charapas turtle and the pink river dolphin.

The cruise line is operated by Advantage Travel, a DMC and family-owned business with 25 years of experience in the tourism industry. It specializes in tailor-made packages throughout the 4 worlds of Ecuador: Galapagos Islands, Pacific Coast, Andean Highlands, and the Amazon Rainforest. In addition to the cruise line, Advantage Travel also owns and operates the newly renovated Mantaraya Lodge, a Mediterranean style hotel on the Pacific Coast. Located near the Isla de la Plata, nicknamed small Galapagos, Mantaraya is the perfect place to enjoy humpback whale watching.

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Contact details

Head office
Anakonda Amazon Cruises
Gaspar de Villarroel N40-143 y Av. 6 de Diciembre Edificio Ritz Plaza esquina, QUITO - ECUADOR,

+ 593 2 336-0888
+ 593 2 336-0774 (Fax)


General Enquiries

Raul Garcia
+ 593 2 336-0888

Diego Garcia
+ 593 2 336-0888

Martha Garcia
+ 593 2 336-0888


Diego García
+593 2 336-887


Francine Valladares
+ 593 2 336-0888

Breath taking momments & Outstanding Experiences on a unique paradise!

"Everything of a high standard. The quality of the excursions, knowledge and enthusiasm of the guides and staff first class"

Paul Bird, GB

"This experience has opened our minds to the incredible jewel of the world. We feel privileged to have been able to explore so much, learn so much and have been in the hands of such caring and informative guides. The Anakonda is comfortable, wonderful staff, tasty food and excellent service!"

Gerald Kirby, AU

"Brilliant holiday. Very different. Well organized. Amazing boat. Excellent staff. Exceptional food. We had a wonderful time!"

Pam Petitt, AU

"Unforgettable trip! Before we came, the Amazon was only a place on a map. After our trip, it has become a part of me. The beautiful place and the lovely people"

John Schneider, US

"The trip was a wonderful introduction to the Amazon environment and people. I hope that eco/friendly tourism like this can continue to support the local community projects and the environment/biodiversity of the region"

Mary Conroy, AU

"Great ship, great crew, great food, great trips. Absolutly maravellous and to be treasured forever. Totally recommended!"

C. Partridge, GB

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