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This information was updated on 15th September 2021

Current situation

Covid detailed information – Spanish only –

Galapagos’ entry requirements – Spanish only –

Ecuador’s entry requirements – Spanish only –

Updated vaccination information – Spanish only

Flights from the UK

Passengers from the UK can consider the following airport connections for arrival to Ecuador:

Other information

It is important to note that every tourist needs to be kept informed, on a daily basis, by visiting the official channels provided by the Ecuadorian Government:

National Risk and Emergency Service (SNGRE):

National COE

Moreover, it is very important to mention that the measures may change from day to day, depending on the key biosecurity factors analyzed by the National COE hence we recommend reviewing official information related to the colour of each territory, all biosecurity protocols and the current COE resolutions.

Contact details

Please contact our PROECUADOR UK Office:

Juan Carlos Yépez Franco, Trade Commissioner of Ecuador / Commercial Counsellor

+44 (0) 2030788045
Skype: juanky.yepez
Twitter: @proecuador_ @proecuadorint / Facebook: PRO ECUADOR  / Instagram: proecuador – proecuadorint

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