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“I’ve spent a good deal of time over the past years really working to place sustainability at the heart of Pura Aventura, culminating in our becoming one of the first travel companies in the UK to certify as B Corp. At least I thought it was culminating, nobody told me it’s all a journey, not a destination…

In any case, B Corp really does sharpen your mind as to how to engage with continual improvement across your business. What it doesn’t do is bring all of this activity into one coherent whole. The Long Run does just that. Their strategic planning coaching looks to be the means by which all of the things we’ve learned over the years can be brought together and power the business forward. It’s early days but I’m excited to really get started implementing the new tools, skills and ideas which have come out of the course.

Thank you LATA, thank you The Long Run “

Thomas Power, Pura Aventura. (UK Tour Operator, B Corp certified)

“The LATA pilot scheme in conjunction with Long Run was exactly what I was looking for. When trying to work out what a sustainable DMC might look like, total stage fright and fear kicks in as the task just looks too huge to contemplate and procrastination seems the best option. This course breaks it down into manageable bite size pieces that makes one think, yes there’s a lot to do but this is totally doable. And the end result will hopefully be spectacular.”

Paul Cripps, Amazonas Explorers (Peruvian DMC, B Corp certified)

“As someone who is truly passionate about sustainability, but is also truly clueless, the LATA pilot, in conjunction with The Long Run, has been invaluable in providing me with a framework to base our efforts on moving forwards. And has provided clarity on an often overwhelming subject.”

Laura Radford, Latin Routes (UK Tour Operator)

“The Long Run Course was one of the best structured and dynamic sustainability journeys I have been on. The community feeling in the working groups with other LATA members was brilliant and supportive.”

Quinn Meyer, CREES (Amazon lodge, Peru)

“The Lata/Long Run pilot was a great way to not only learn about the process but also to connect with other properties in South America. As a business with a small team it has been an invaluable way to learn about sustainability and how easy it is to take steps forward by planning and making small changes. I am looking forward to putting the theory into practise over our low season.”

Georgia Beech, Estancia Los Potreros (Ranch in Argentina)

Highly recommend this course. Be prepared to carve out time to think and reflect so you can get the most from it! I go back to the ideas within it time and time again!

Rochelle Turner, Head of Sustainability, Exodus

We are very excited about this and I just made an invitation to our senior team including coordinators, it will be aprox 7-8 people doing the course pour end (english version) and after that I expect to have the rest of the team involved doing most likely the Spanish version to then begin our Strategic Planing (hopefully 3 months) we could have the Plan as well as our Impact report based on this plan with the challenges and missions for the next 30 years (Tropic is turning 30 years next march and this will be the most important gift for our bday)

Thanks so much for this eye opener and you will be hearing a lot more from us soon.

Jascivan Carvalho, CEO at Tropic Ecuador