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LATA Sustainable Travel Webinar Programme

The LATA Sustainability Programme – Success So Far

12th September 2023

The LATA Sustainability Programme launched in November 2022 with the LATA Strategic Sustainability Training in partnership with the Long Run – Preferred by Nature. A three month online course that enables travel businesses to create a sustainability strategy and embed it in the day to day running of their business. So far 29 members have completed the course and many more are scheduled to participate in the coming months.

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Selling Sustainability – Effectively telling your sustainability story

10th October 2023

Increasingly, consumers are looking for ways to reduce their negative environmental impact in all aspects of their lives. There is a demand on brands/companies and governments to demonstrate their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Those that do so are rewarded by loyalty, trust, support, votes or consumption.

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Advocating Sustainability - How to encourage your clients to travel more sustainably

14th November 2023


Scope 3 - why is it so important and why is collaboration and transparency so important?

9th January 2024



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