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Which category is right for your business – Making Travel Inclusive and Championing Cultural Diversity

LATA Responsible Tourism Awards


LATA Responsible Tourism AwardsThe LATA Responsible Tourism Awards champion the best work in responsible tourism across the continent – for members and non-members alike.

This week’s categories to highlight are Making Travel Inclusive and Championing Cultural Diversity.

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We are sharing the winning case studies recently announced at the WTM Africa Responsible Tourism Awards, giving you tangible examples to inspire you and help see which category to enter your business.

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The travel industry is lagging behind other sectors in advancing inclusion. The sector needs to widen its offering with the need for action more pressing than ever.  Inclusive travel ensures that all travellers feel welcome and included and can have an appropriate experience in a destination. It fosters belonging and empowers individuals to sign up for new experiences. We are looking for businesses that are avidly working to ensure that inclusion has a stronger place in tourism’s future.

Gold Winner: Warrior on Wheels Foundation – South Africa 

Warrior on Wheels provides sport and adventure experiences for children with disabilities, uplifting and empowering them and “changing perceptions of ability and bridging gaps between able-bodied and differently-abled communities.” It is a registered not-for-profit reliant on sponsorships, volunteers, and partnerships with adventure hosts to provide regular adventures, experiences, and outings to differently-abled children and their families. These have included zip lining, river rafting, cycling, surfing, wildlife safaris, boat cruises, helicopter and plane rides.  “As at the start of 2024, Warrior On Wheels is eight years old, we have 100+ families on our invitation mailing list and we have hosted 89+ experiences with an average of 12 to 15 families attending each event.



Visiting a country goes far beyond visiting the honeypot landmarks. We travel to experience other peoples’ places, climates, built heritage, lived culture and the world’s diverse nature. By experiencing cultures other than our own, we broaden our understanding and respect for one another.  We are looking for examples of destinations and businesses that are actively working to support the preservation and celebration of culture, and to create meaningful connections for visitors.

Gold Winner: Trip to Help – Kenya & Tanzania through an online agency registered in Spain

Trip to Help is a boutique travel agency operating in Kenya and Tanzania, and Morocco. Their mission is to enable people to Travel Consciously, Sustainably and Fairly. They offer unique experiences with positive social, and cultural impact, working alongside locals, community projects, cooperatives, or NGOs. They are at the centre of this journey. They are not just guides. The people they work with make a living wage, and 80% of what the traveller pays goes to the local community. Activities are led by salaried Maasai guides and cultural immersive experiences are organized and conducted by Maasai families who host visitors, retaining 100% of the proceeds from each activity. Through tourism activity, supplemented by private donations and funds, they support over 3,000 children aged 4-16 in accessing free education, including English language instruction, in Maasai areas.

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