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LATA Members’ Newsletter – Jan 2024



Aqua Expeditions

Unparalleled adventures! Amazon and Galapagos

Now is the time to plan your clients’ next adventure with Aqua Expeditions. Embark on an unforgettable journey to the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest in Peru and the Galapagos Islands onboard our small, luxury vessels and take advantage of our Early Bird Savings.

We invite your clients to journey into the heart of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest as they delve deeper into nature’s marvels and encounter exotic wildlife onboard Aqua Nera or Aria Amazon.

Book early for up to 20% off 2024-2025 departures (excludes Aqua Mare).

Access our Agent Portal HERE today to get started!



For some, it’s seeing the authentic beauty of the world. For others, it’s indulging in unparalleled luxury on board.

There are thousands of reasons for your clients to sail with Silversea, but from now until the end of February we think they’ll like £3,000 savings on Door-to-Door All-Inclusive fares, or £1,500 per guest, with a 15% refundable reduced deposit best of all. With this in mind, we invite your clients to explore with us on a global collection of voyages from January 2024 through April 2026.

To take advantage of this limited-time offer, book your client’s suite with our Door-to-Door All-Inclusive fares by 29 February 2024.

Vapues Travel


The New Year has just started and we are making plans already to catch up with some of our clients from Europe.

Do you plan to visit ITB Berlin next march? Our director, Jan Strik, would love to meet you there.

Please let us know if you care for an appointment, for a comprehensive product update on Nicaragua or Panama.


Senderos Partners in Latin America and Antarctica

Integrity Galapagos, New for 2024 
-Two dedicated cabins available with no single supplement
-One year-round rate, plus supplement at Christmas
-Reduced rates in the 8 Standard Cabins and 1 Owner’s Suite
-Now with 3 itinerary lengths to choose from: 5, 6 or 7 nights.
-See details on the Integrity Galapagos website or contact Senderos

For all Senderos News, Webinars & Offers, please see our dedicated webpage




Explorers House: An Antarctica21 Exclusive!

Explorers House is now open and available to our 2023-24 air-cruise guests.

The exclusive private club provides Antarctica21 travellers with a modern and inviting environment in the heart of Punta Arenas, away from busy hotels and congested restaurants. At Explorers House, your clients can unwind in a beautifully designed facility offering premium service.

Explorers House is your gateway to Antarctica and Patagonia, the beginning of an experience like no other. Features include a reception area, an amphitheatre-style presentation room, relaxing lounges, a library, a garden area, a gear rental and gift shop, a coffee station, interactive and live information touch screens, a bar, and food and drink services.


Aliwen Incoming

Aliwen Incoming is now B Corp certified

We are delighted to announce that Aliwen Incoming has officially obtained B Corp certification.

Joining a global community of approximately 7,500 businesses worldwide, we take pride in our commitment to being a positive force by adhering to rigorous standards for social and environmental impact.

This milestone inspires us to continue working towards preserving and enhancing special places in ways that truly make them more special.


Brazilian Tourist Board – Embratur


Culture and festivals are part of the must-have experiences for travellers planning to get to know the essence of Brazilians. Carnival week, known as the biggest party on earth, is the most awaited holiday for Brazilians. In 2024, Carnival will happen from 9 to 14 February.

The main destinations in which to join the crowds and celebrate carnival are Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Recife & Olinda, São Paulo, and Belo Horizonte. From samba parades and luxury-hotel balls in the cities of Rio and Sao Paulo to frevo blocks in Recife, carnival floats playing axe-music in Salvador, and themed street blocks in Belo Horizonte, Brazilians and international visitors get together to celebrate joy by singing and dancing in creative and colourful fancy dress.

Foto: Rogerio Santana – Rio Carnaval 2023 Mangueira



Giving back & rewilding adventures in the Route of the Parks of Patagonia

New year starts with groups exploring different parks of the Route of the Parks of Chilean Patagonia. Travelers moved by the beauty of stunning landscapes and committed to transform the act of traveling in a positive impact action through our giving back & rewilding experiences.

Our partnership with three conservation Chilean organizations guaranteed a traceable, transparent and measurable impact while our travellers are directly involved in the field with local communities and field scientists to save the unique ecosystems of Patagonia.

Since BirdsChile started a set of dedicated programs of conservation and adventure four years ago, more than 100 travellers have been involved during their journeys in different projects along the Route of the Parks of Patagonia. Explore our crafted programs and amplify the positive impact of traveling


New hiking trail in Patagonia National Park

The “Parque Nacional Patagonia” is a breathtaking natural paradise in Chile’s Aysén region. The unspoilt beauty of nature awaits you with a unique mixture of majestic mountains, wild rivers, wide valleys, and diverse wildlife.

Opened in 2019, the park is the result of the dedicated work of Tompkins Conservation and the Chilean government and covers more than 300,000 hectares to protect the area’s biodiversity and promote sustainable tourism.
A new 8.7-kilometre hiking trail with interesting viewpoints and several bridges will lead visitors through picturesque landscapes. It includes the areas of Piedra Clavada, Cueva de las Manos and Valle Lunar.

For more information about trekking tours in Patagonia contact |

Patagonia Camp

Patagonia Camp Cup

Patagonia Camp is thrilled to announce the eagerly awaited 7th edition of the Patagonia Camp Cup, set to take place on April 27, 2024. Offering multiple race distances – 15K, 21K, and 42K – the event caters to runners of all levels, providing a unique opportunity to challenge themselves amidst the stunning landscapes and vibrant autumn colours of Patagonia.

Participants can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Torres del Paine through diverse trails, culminating in an awards party featuring a delectable buffet, traditional lamb barbecue, and the best music. As part of our commitment to an unforgettable experience, we offer an exclusive All-Inclusive stay program for participants, encompassing accommodation in our exclusive yurts, gourmet meals, an open bar, and guided excursions to explore the park and its surroundings. 

More information HERE.


Tapati Rapa Nui Festival

The Tapati Rapa Nui Festival, held annually on Easter Island, is a vibrant celebration of Rapa Nui culture and tradition.

Originating over four decades ago, the festival unfolds over the first two weeks of February, attracting locals and global visitors alike. At its heart is the coronation of the Tapati Queen, a symbolic title contested by two candidates representing ancient clans. Supporters form alliances and engage in spirited sports competitions. The island comes alive with music, gastronomy, and art, showcasing the rich tapestry of Rapa Nui identity.

Participants invest months in preparation, culminating in the queen’s coronation on Hanga Vare Vare’s main stage, accompanied by a dazzling fireworks display. The Tapati Rapa Nui Festival is a testament to community pride, cultural preservation, and the spirit of Easter Island. |

Hotel Estancia Cerro Guido

Cerro Guido, South America’s outstanding paleontological region, reveals ground-breaking finds in annual 15-day expeditions in February.

Exploring the Estancias surroundings, experts from international institutions such as the Chilean Antarctic Institute and universities in Chile, Concepción, Heidelberg, Texas at Austin and others lead multidisciplinary research in palaeobotany, palaeontology and geology, addressing connections with Antarctica.

Notable discoveries, such as freshwater turtles and mammals Magallodon baikashkenke and Orretherium tzen, have been published in international scientific journals. Upcoming expeditions from 15 to 29 February promise more discoveries, inviting you to participate in this unique Patagonian initiative.


Colombian Journeys


On 16 January, the first electric car prototype that will replace animal-powered cars in the walled city for tourist purposes was presented in Cartagena. This project is aligned with the sustainable tourism strategies of the region led by the new mayor of the city, a government representative, and an environmental leader.

Colombian Journeys supports and promotes these initiatives, considering that the preservation and protection of both, the environment and animals are a fundamental axis of tourism operations and the development of responsible tourism. Based on the above, from our sustainability policy, we support the implementation of electric cars, reducing animal impact and reducing CO2 emissions.

Colombian Journeys


On 16 January, the first electric car prototype that will replace animal-powered cars in the walled city for tourist purposes was presented in Cartagena. This project is aligned with the sustainable tourism strategies of the region led by the new mayor of the city, a government representative, and an environmental leader.

Colombian Journeys supports and promotes these initiatives, considering that the preservation and protection of both, the environment and animals are a fundamental axis of tourism operations and the development of responsible tourism. Based on the above, from our sustainability policy, we support the implementation of electric cars, reducing animal impact and reducing CO2 emissions.

To learn more about our sustainability policy, visit:


TAM Travel Corporation

British Royals Vacation in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

It’s no secret that Costa Rica has become a preferred luxury vacation destination in the tropics for musicians, actors, artists, and celebrities of all calibres and variations. What Costa Rica had not quite expected was Royalty! Britain’s favourite rebel-Royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle vacationed in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, on the down-low, this past December.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited Costa Rica between December 14th-20th, 2023. They spent a week relaxing on the pristine sands and bright blue waters of Playa Carrillo, Guanacaste, while enjoying the luxury and comfort of five-star resorts. Come back soon, Your Highnesses!

At TAM Travel Costa Rica, we craft & customize itineraries to make you feel like a royalty while in Costa Rica!

Akorn Destination Management

The Ultimate Costa Rican Adventure, From White-water Rafting to Jungle Trekking

Costa Rica is a diverse destination that offers something for every person, and this is especially true when it comes to gearing up, and enjoying nature! Costa Rica is home of extraordinary wildlife species and some groundbreaking eco-lodges, it is a place ripe for adventure, from whitewater rafting and jungle treks to boat trips across tropical waters that glow in the dark.

Akorn is preparing the most unforgettable experiences in this magical country, perfect for all travellers looking to embrace the nature and culture of Costa Rica.

Playa Cativo Lodge

4×3 Offer at the Perfect Place to Get Away

Discover Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific coast with our exclusive 4×3 offer at Playa Cativo Lodge. Book 3 nights and enjoy the 4th night free with a full board meal plan.

Immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of Golfo Dulce, where crystal-clear waters meet biodiverse rainforests. This Green Season Special allows visitors to experience the magic of humpback whales in their natural habitat in September and October. Plan an extraordinary adventure surrounded by serene turquoise and emerald hues.

Don’t miss this opportunity to indulge in luxury amidst the Costa Rican paradise!
Valid from May to June and September to October 2024.

Amor Arenal

Introducing our new Wine Cellar!

Our evolving hotel now features a Wine Cellar, inspired by our passionate private Sommelier.

This addition complements our dedication to enhancing guest experiences. La Cava offers an intimate space for curated tastings of five world-class wines, including Opus One and Mundus Bacillus, using the Coravin system. Anticipate delightful evenings, engaging conversations, and the creation of cherished memories.

Elevate your experience with a private, romantic dinner at La Cava, where expertly curated wine pairings await you and your special one. Indulge in the art of wine and create unforgettable moments at our evolving haven of exceptional experiences.

Los Altos

5 Nights of Unforgettable Romance in Manuel Antonio

Experience “5 Nights of Ultimate Romance” at Los Altos Resort with our exclusive package. Enjoy specially curated amenities, a romantically decorated room, and a day at Playa Espadilla with personalized attention and a delightful picnic.

Strengthen your bond with a $100 spa credit for couples. The room setup includes scattered rose petals and an exquisite bottle of wine, creating an intimate atmosphere. Beach setup features transportation, a beach tent, chairs, a picnic basket, sparkling wine, and a charcuterie board.

Valid for stays from May 1 to November 15, 2024, in our Villas and Townhouses categories. Escape to love and luxury.

Journey Costa Rica

Through our relentless exploration, we’ve reimagined the must-sees in order to offer exclusive adventures, and link it all together with seamless logistics. From enjoying a luxurious picnic setup on a remote beach in Guanacaste, to meeting the changemakers and researchers at Osa Conservation – we’ve dreamt up unique luxury experiences for our discerning guests that can’t be found in general guide books.

Boena Wilderness Lodges

5 Nights of Unforgettable Romance in Manuel Antonio

Enjoy 75% off off the 3rd night in our Pacuare Lodge Adventure Package! Pacuare Lodge is a luxury, eco-hotel with 20 suites, situated on the banks of one of the world’s most scenic, white-water wonders, the Pacuare River of Costa Rica. This unparalleled location, with its vibrant nature, offers a scenic backdrop to adventure, romance and wellness.

Reserve today, stay 3 nights and get 75% off in your 3rd night, starting April 1st until June 30th, 2024.

Contact us for more information or visit

Read more about our Jaguar Program: Böëna expands its support to include all five Wilderness Lodges: United for the Jaguar


Steppes Travel

One space left on Galapagos Conservation Trust charter to the Galapagos Islands.

Steppes Travel have a single cabin available on an exclusive charter to the Galapagos, operated in conjunction with Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT).

The 9-night holiday starts in Quito on 16th June 2024 and visits the islands on board Natural Paradise. Kelly Hague from GCT will be hosting the voyage which will be visiting conservation projects on the archipelago, meeting with the project managers to learn more about the work being done. The cost of the single cabin is £10,305 on which Steppes is offering a 10% commission. Please see Steppes’ website for more details or call them on 01285 880 980.

Golden Experiences & Travel

Sustainability and luxury

Golden Experiences and Travel has proudly achieved an International Certification, making the company the only carbon neutral cruise operator in the Galapagos Islands. Through a comprehensive technical study and action plan Golden is not only committed to luxury but also to sustainable experiences.

Their commitment extends beyond the Galapagos, now La Selva Eco-Lodge & Retreat located in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest is underway to also obtain its international carbon neutrality certification diligently working to quantify, reduce, and neutralize their greenhouse gas emissions and further actions.

Golden Experiences & Travel leads sustainability. Explore more of our projects HERE.

Anakonda Amazon Cruises


Elevate Guest Experiences: Early Monkey 2025 with Anakonda Amazon Cruises

In the realm of unforgettable journeys, Anakonda Amazon Cruises leads the way by crafting enriching and immersive expeditions through the Ecuadorian Amazon. For 2025, we are excited to offer these unparalleled experiences for your guests. Seize this opportunity with our Early Monkey promotion, which grants an exclusive discount of up to 20%, and elevate your offerings, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

* This special offer is valid for bookings until June 30, 2024.

See​ Early Monkey offer HERE.

You may also download our flyer HERE to promote this special offer with your clients.
Contact us for more information at


The 16-guest Yacht Integrity is now available with reduced rates and 3 trip lengths, with immediate effect.

Integrity’s two signature 8D/7N itineraries (now $7995) still operate weekly every Saturday, Baltra to Baltra. A new 7D/6N Western Route ($7495) ends on Friday in Baltra, skipping North Seymour and Caleta Tortuga from the 7N itinerary. Also new is the 6D/5N Eastern Route (US$6995) starting on Monday in San Cristobal, which misses Santa Cruz highlands, Pto Ayora, Espanola, Pta Pitt and Cerro Brujo. See detailed itineraries HERE and click on the tab Departures.

Please contact, your DMC or our UK representative Senderos for more information.


Embassy of El Salvador

Whale Watching in Los Cóbanos

El Salvador invites adventure enthusiasts to experience the thrill of whale watching in Los Cóbanos, a unique spectacle as humpback whales traverse its waters between December and March.

Guided by trained locals, this adventure offers visitors an up-close encounter with these majestic creatures, while ensuring a respectful exploration of their habitat.

Los Cóbanos becomes a gateway to an authentic open water show, allowing visitors to marvel at the beauty of humpback whales in their natural environment. This immersive experience is a testament to El Salvador’s commitment to sustainable tourism, ensuring both an unforgettable adventure and the preservation of the precious marine ecosystem.

With open arms, El Salvador invites visitors to create unforgettable memories in the Land of Hosts. For more information visit:


Maya Trails

Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala, with its cobblestone streets and well-preserved Spanish Baroque-influenced architecture, is a city that offers a unique blend of history, culture, food and outdoor adventures. Here are the top 8 adventures when in Antigua:
1.) Hiking and or Camping Acatenango Volcano
2.) Pacaya Volcano Trek with Pizza cocked over the lava
3.) Mountain Biking
4.) Canopy/Zip Lining Adventures
5.) Coffee or Community coffee farms
6.) Rappelling on a waterfall
7.) Mule adventure rides
8.) Hiking and Nature trails around the city of Antigua

Antigua Guatemala’s unique blend of culture and natural beauty makes it an excellent destination for those seeking both historical charm and outdoor excitement. Contact Maya Trails for more Information.


Journey Mexico

2024 Trip Planning: The Essence of Tulum & Holbox Island

The close of each year is a chance to turn the page and start writing a fresh chapter, making space for new aspirations, resolutions, and routines. While we’re all for pressing the reset button, we admit, it can sometimes feel a bit daunting – especially in the shorter, colder days of winter.

We’ve made it easy! Announcing our newly designed – yet completely customizable – itinerary discovering Tulum and Island Holbox in the Mexican Caribbean – spanning 7 Nights/8 Days. We put this trip together with balance in mind and starting 2024 off on the right foot – part relaxation, part exploration.




Discover our four new itineraries at the PeruRail Vistadome Observatory where passengers will live a unique experience aboard our panoramic cars and observatory cars bar, allowing them to immerse in the breathtaking beauty of the Cusco – Machu Picchu route.

We have expanded our train slots and increased the onboard capacity across our exceptional services:
• PeruRail Vistadome Observatory with more than 650 spaces*
• PeruRail Vistadome with more than 450 spaces*
• PeruRail Expedition with more than 1000 additional spaces*

Stay informed and ensure you don’t miss any details by checking out our schedules for 2024. Join us on this extraordinary adventure, and be part of the magic!

(*) Compared to 2023

Amazonas Explorer

New Ebike tour in Peru

E-Bike the highlights of Cusco and the Sacred Valley and then hike the Royal Inca Trail to Machu Picchu on our state-of-the-art fleet of Full Suspension Trek Rail and Haibike N’duro Electric assist Mountain bikes whilst staying in beautiful properties suited to all budgets.

With expert guides, awesome logistics, a support vehicle for the weary and great food, E-biking is like having your best friend along to give you a push whenever you need it so ideal for an Andean cycling adventure. And it is “So much fun”! Contact for more details.


Antonio Brack Egg’s National Environmental Award

CREES MANU has been honoured with the Antonio Brack Egg’s National Environmental Award, the pinnacle of recognition from the Peruvian State for our commitment to environmental protection, sustainable resource management, and conservation practices.

Our experiential travel programme, “Learning from Manu: teaching love, legacy, and culture,” allows visitors to experience our dedication to scientific research, environmental education, and community initiatives.

This award serves as a call to reflection, but more importantly, to action in preserving our planet. It inspires us to persist in our efforts, signifying a significant responsibility that we are ready to undertake for the Manu Biosphere Reserve and National Park It’s not just an award; it’s a celebration of the valuable legacy, love, and culture we are contributing to in the Manu Biosphere Reserve and Manu.

Setours Handcrafted Journeys

Alternative Access to Rainbow Mountain via Pitumarca

The standard route to access Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain via the community of Cusipata has been suspended since November 2023. Unfortunately, there is no concrete date for reopening yet. Check out our map online showing driving distances and hike durations for the alternative route via Pitumarca.


Condor Travel

Every corner of Peru oozes magic, tradition, and beauty, leaving the world in awe. With so many wonders to admire, our expert team designs experiences that encapsulate the finest aspects of each destination, offering a distinctive perspective that resonates with the essence of the land of the Incas.

The Living Peru program guides travellers on a journey through Lima, Arequipa, Puno, and Cusco, unveiling captivating hues, flavours, and cultures. Traverse from the vibrant Pacific coast to the majestic Peruvian Andes through unparalleled landscapes. Be part of this unforgettable adventure!

Explore more details HERE


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