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LATA Members’ Newsletter – Dec 2023



Aqua Expeditions

Help your clients get a jump start on their 2024 travel plans with Aqua Expeditions!

Embark on an unforgettable journey to the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest in Peru.

Set sail with Aqua Nera or Aria Amazon and discover the natural wonders and exotic wildlife of Peru, combining luxury, personalized service and adventure into one remarkable experience. Savour rainforest-inspired cuisine created by renowned chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino. Our fleet is now equipped with high-speed Starlink satellite internet as well, ensuring guests can stay connected even in the depths of the Amazon.

3-, 4-, and 7-night itineraries available.

Book ASAP to take advantage of 20 % Early Bird Savings, on select cabins on all 2024 and 2025 departure dates (excluding Aqua Mare).

Bercovich Travels and Traders

Southamerican tour operator joins LATA

In a significant move within the tourism industry in the region, Bercovich Travels, a prominent tour operator in South America, has recently become a proud member of LATA, the Latin American Travel Association. This collaboration marks a milestone for Bercovich, signaling a strengthened commitment to promoting and enhancing tourism across the diverse and captivating landscapes of South America.

Your message is clear and informative, but it could be refined for a smoother flow. Here’s a slightly revised version:

We are a wholesale tour operator operating in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Brazil. Leveraging our extensive experience and resources, we provide passengers with a range of options, empowering you to choose the best alternatives for their travels.

Pure! Travel Group

Pure! Travel Group joins LATA and generates a new opportunity to travel responsibly to South America

We are excited to join this year the community of LATA Travel as well as our participation in LATA EXPO. In a world seeking meaningful experiences that leave a positive footprint, Pure! Travel Group stands as a major DMC with leading offices in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile. Our focus is not only to create original travel experiences, but also to be at the forefront of innovation in sustainability practices.

Sustainability is impregnated in our company’s DNA and reflected in eco-friendly internal and external practices of our offices. This year, we incorporated digital documentation for our clients, among other improvements in our internal processes. We have been recognized among sustainable organizations worldwide, such as TourCert.

Find out more about our company in our full article here.


Introduction as a new member of LATA.

Goat DMC was born out of passion. The passion to travel, explore, discover the world and share our culture and roots.
We design unique travel experiences throughout Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, since 2016, with the intention of building an unforgettable chapter in the traveler’s life. We do it for leisure travels and for groups & incentives as well.
Our staff is highly qualified with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, both in important DMCs and luxury hotels in Argentina.
Personalized and high quality service is what makes us unique.

We are very proud to be a new member of LATA!


For Senderos News, Webinars & Offers from our Partners in Latin America & Antarctica, please see our updated and dedicated webpage.


Condor Travel

After a year of transformations, we head into 2024 with optimism and a genuine desire to continue connecting with our essence and share it with all of you. We invite our leaders to give an important message for 2024: our image has changed, but not our commitment to our customers and their passengers, working every day to offer them the journey of their dreams. See the full video here



Vapues Travel

Receive the warmest regards and holiday wishes from the entire Vapues Travel team! 2023 has been a year of significant recovery, attending many happy travellers in both Panama and Nicaragua.

We remain at your service and wish you a fantastic 2024, in good health and with plenty of travel inspiration!



Akorn Destination Management

Introduction to Akorn Destination Management

We first arrived in Latin America, in 2000, in Peru and have spread to Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica. By using our contacts we can open doors that others simply can’t and our unique Insider Access opportunities steer us away from the superficial product that is commonly offered today.

Our Guardian Angel service in Cusco and The Galapagos, our hand-picked vehicles, hotels and guides, our great relationship with people on the ground and our great buying power, combined with such original and creative itineraries ensure our guests leave South America with memories to last a lifetime.

Check out our services HERE

Tropic Travel

Tropic Travel would like to wish our partners and friends happy holidays! We are grateful for a wonderful year of unforgettable travel for guests from around the globe.

We look forward to 2024 when we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary! We have been preparing for this milestone all year – some behind the scenes, while other things you will have noticed – like our new look, which you can see on our website. We have many stories and innovations to share in celebration of our years in business – the Huaorani; Floreana; Cotopaxi, past and future; our continued sustainability journey; the expansion of our May I Introduce You programs and much more.

We’re excited to tell you more in the coming months.


Sanderson Phillips/tranquilico

Event – Risk, Safety and Crisis Management Seminar, 21st April 2024, London

Sanderson Phillips and tranquilico will host a Risk, Safety and Crisis Management Seminar in central London on Tuesday 23rd April 2024, in partnership with headline sponsors Travel & General Insurance Services and ABTOT.

Attendees will join our panel of experts, including Colin McGregor and John Telfer, for a full day of in-depth presentations and practical sessions tailored to travel organisations interested in learning more about the current and emerging risks affecting our industry. Topics include climate risk, traveller behaviour, financial risk and the role of insurance, legal and regulatory guidelines, safety management systems and crisis management.

LATA Members can take advantage of a 30% member/early booking discount until 31st December 2023. Use the code SPTEB at check out.

For more information and to book tickets, visit:




Want to escape the cold? It’s summer in Argentina, so Christmas is HOT!

Families celebrate Christmas here with cold buffets, icy beer or wine, and gallons of our excellent ice cream!

There are evening pool parties, fabulous year-end dance parties at high-end hotels, fireworks, tango, and bar-hopping galore. If you are looking for something quieter, stay at a ranch on the outskirts of the city and enjoy a barbecue lounging by the pool, do some horse riding, or watch the gauchos at work.

If you are feeling adventurous, it is the best time to explore Patagonia, sail the Beagle channel, visit the Perito Moreno glacier, explore the trekking capital of El Chalten, or visit the lake district of Bariloche with its multiple soft-adventure options. What are you waiting for? plan your next Christmas in Argentina!




Christmas celebrations in Bolivia are characterized by a cultural and religious syncretism. The birth of Jesus is celebrated with regional nuances, but one of the most captivating traditions are Aymara children performing Christmas carols, to worship Jesus´s birth.

They make their own musical instruments, called “chullu-chullu” a tambourine with flattened bottle caps, strung on a wire in the shape of an arch. Its contagious music, has something magical that captivates to all those who listen it. These children, mostly migrate from the countryside to the city at Christmas time, to earn some money, while their mothers sell crafts…the hope is always in the air and churches are filled with concerts and children’s choirs. From Bolivia, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year…


Brazilian Tourist Board – Embratur

EMBRATUR , LATA and The Long Run announce a pilot project to implement a journey of responsible tourism with Brazilian trade partners

EMBRATUR in partnership with LATA is happy to announce the celebration of a pilot project to implement a journey of responsible tourism with Brazilian trade partners members of LATA with a free training programme.

In partnership with LATA, the Long Run and the Embratur’s Sustainability & Climate Change Division, the Brazilian trade companies members of LATA – Be Brazil DMC, Passion Brazil DMC, Blumar DMC, Gondwana DMC, Pousada Trijuncao and Estrela D’Água Boutique Hotel will kick-off the LATA Strategic Sustainability Training – Chapter Brazil on 10 January 2024, with a special focus group who will discuss the course learnings in the context of the Brazil travel industry and how the supply chain can be supported in embedding sustainability into day to day operations.



Antarctica21 – Best Managed Companies 2023

We are delighted to share that, for the fourth consecutive year, Antarctica21 has been selected by Deloitte as one of Chile’s Best Managed Companies! The official announcement of this recognition was made on November 21, 2023, during a gala ceremony in Santiago.

The Best Managed Companies program was established by Deloitte in 1993. With roots in Canada, it has now been implemented internationally in 48 countries. A panel of experts from Deloitte and their Chilean partners, Banco Santander and the Administrative Studies School of the Catholic University of Chile, evaluates and rewards Chilean companies that demonstrate exceptional business performance.

The program recognizes the overall success of companies based on a proven evaluation framework. Four key areas are assessed: Strategy; Expertise and Innovation; Culture and Commitment; and Corporate Governance and Finance.

Hotel Estancia Cerro Guido

Mirko Utrovicich, a former hunter turned conservationist, works for the Cerro Guido Conservation Foundation, dedicating himself to protecting the Puma, a species he once pursued. Raised as a hunter in Argentina, he transitioned to conservation due to evolving perspectives.

Involved in the Puma Project initiated by Pía Vergara, the Foundation focuses on coexistence between wildlife and livestock, using protection dogs and camera traps highlighting the imprinting process of protection dogs and a successful puma sighting, emphasizing the importance of respecting and preserving wildlife in their natural habitat. Mirko sees himself as a bridge between livestock companies and conservationists, promoting a shift away from hunting to preserve biodiversity. Learn more about Mirko´s work during our conservation Safari excursion.


Chile voted as the World’s Leading Green Destination 2023

For the 4th time since 2019, Chile was voted “World’s Leading Green Destination 2023” at the World Travel Awards. This prestigious award, also known as the “Oscar of Tourism,” recognizes Chile’s commitment to eco-friendly travel. Chile stood out among the other nominated countries such as Peru, Ecuador and Norway for its its green tourism initiatives.

The award recognises the richness and promotion of nature attractions, together with the planning, development and promotion of environmentally responsible tourism activities. The 5 green destinations that made Chile the winner in this category at the World Travel Awards 2023 are: Huilo Huilo nature reserve, Cape Horn, Futaleufú, Cochamó and Torres del Paine.

For more information on sustainable tourism: |


New Year in Valparaíso

Valparaíso’s New Year’s celebrations are globally renowned for their unparalleled vibrancy and spectacle. The port city captivates with its iconic, colourful houses draped along hillsides.

The highlight of the festivities is a magnificent fireworks display that illuminates the bay and transforms the skies above Valparaíso into a dazzling panorama at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. The fireworks, launched from various coastal points, cast mesmerizing reflections on the Pacific Ocean, enhancing the enchanting atmosphere. Spectators gather on hills, viewpoints, and waterfronts to witness the extravagant show. Beyond the visual feast, the celebrations extend into the night, featuring parties, music, and a lively ambiance, offering a cultural experience that mirrors the vibrant spirit of Valparaíso and its residents’ exuberant welcome to the upcoming year.

More information: |




The Colombian government awarded Colombian Journeys for its commitment to the “Tourism for a Culture of Peace” strategy. This certification, called “Sello de Paz” (Seal of Peace), is awarded to entrepreneurs who contribute to the development of the local population, under criteria of both cultural and natural protection.

Colombian Journeys is strongly committed to projects linked to peacebuilding. We believe that the future of our country must be aligned with actions that support and promote authentic experiences that transmit stories of resilience and hope. Today, some of the destinations that we promote in the international market are Guaviare, Meta and Caquetá, as well as testimonial tours such as visits to the Egypt neighbourhood, Ciudad Bolívar and Candelaria in Bogotá, and interaction with the community in La Boquilla, Bolívar, among others.


TAM Travel Corporation

Stella Silver Award

It’s official – TAM Travel Corporation has won the Stella Silver Award 2023 for ‘Suppliers – Best DMC: International and US Territories’! We’re thrilled to have won this prestigious award! We are so grateful to all our voters, partners and friends who have supported us during the run, and have helped us in securing this amazing award.

Having won this Stella Award is a new source of happiness and sense of success, that has been added to our ongoing celebration of TAM Travel Corporation’s 60th Anniversary. We will continue to work hard, be the best in the business, and spread the word of the legendary Pura Vida lifestyle. Pura Vida, Costa Rica!

The TAM Travel Corporation Team

Journey Costa Rica

Costa Rica Destination of the Year

Costa Rica is Destination of the Year for 2024! We´re closing 2023 on a high, celebrating Journey Costa Rica´s first year of operations and seeing Costa Rica get this well-deserved recognition for the year ahead. Whether you have travellers who visited the country before, are dreaming of their first trip, or just starting to get curious, we pride ourselves on designing creative, personalized itineraries that meet each of our travellers’ individual needs and preferences, all at a top luxury level. Our website is a great resource for getting familiar with the essentials.

More information HERE

Los Altos Resort

New Villas and Townhouses Opening | Adults – Only Expansion

We proudly inaugurated our Villas and Townhouses on December 15th, embarking on a splendid journey for our esteemed clients. Our Luxury Villas and Townhouses offer an intimate and captivating experience with expansive views, private pools, and premium comforts.

In our private Luxury Villas, supreme comfort meets dreamlike design, featuring bold architectural elements and an open-air atrium with a free-standing tub and dual-headed showers.

The Townhouse accommodations, with their distinctive two-story design, allure couples with muted teals, rich woodwork, and floor-to-ceiling windows. Each townhouse includes a private balcony with a tranquil plunge pool for an unforgettable retreat.

Situated in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, we’ve joyfully welcomed our first clients and anticipate creating lasting memories in our unique accommodations.


Aqua Expeditions

Aqua Expeditions partners with LATAM for Galapagos flights

Aqua Expeditions is now working with LATAM on flight arrangements to and from the Galapagos Islands. Going forward, Aqua will be able to coordinate flights for all Aqua Mare guests between Quito/Guayaquil and Galapagos.

When booking an Aqua Mare expedition, guests will have the option of reserving seats on arrival and departure flights at preferred rates. Economy class seats will be available for all travellers flying in and out of Quito at a rate of US$450 per adult, as compared to the regular rate of US$550.

Find out more HERE

Latin Trails

New Educational Program

Latin Trails introduces a Citizen Science Program on the Seaman Journey catamaran in the Galapagos Islands, enhancing travel with meaningful conservation. Guests engage in Garbology, Galapagos Penguin Monitoring, and Whale Identification, contributing to scientific research. Managed by the leading luxury travel operator, this initiative aligns tourism with environmental stewardship, creating a unique and educational experience for travellers. Marcel Perkins, Managing Director of Latin Trails, emphasizes the commitment to sustainability, inviting guests to actively participate in preserving the planet through their explorations.

Royal Galapagos

Thank you 2023

Dear Friends,

On behalf of Royal Galapagos, we extend sincere thanks for the invaluable journey we’ve shared this year. Your insights have profoundly shaped our commitment to preserving our planet. The knowledge gained from our virtual clinics will significantly enhance our efforts in environmental stewardship.

As we step into the new year, we carry these lessons with a dedication to sustainable practices. The partnership with LATA has been crucial, and we eagerly anticipate continued collaboration. We are grateful for the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals on this journey. Here’s to a future of responsible tourism and positive impact. We appreciate your guidance and the chance to connect with others who share our passion.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, and we look forward to seeing you in 2024.

Anakonda Amazon Cruises

Special Offers


We are pleased to announce an exclusive 2024 offer for your clients with Anakonda Amazon Cruises. Our selected departures, running from January to June, provide an excellent opportunity to experience the best of the Ecuadorian Amazon with exceptional benefits.

To facilitate your planning, we invite you to explore the benefits and view the available departures from January to June 2024 applicable to this special offer. Please visit the following link: 2024 selected departures. Additionally, we have prepared a downloadable flyer to assist in promoting this offer to your clients.

Contact us for more information at

Via Natura

Hermes Galapagos Mega Catamaran – Unbranded Site Update!

Many of you have inquired about it, and Via Natura is glad to announce it. Our unbranded site for Galapagos First Ultra-Luxury Cruise, Hermes Mega Catamaran, is live. You can find the complete and up to date information about our vessel in this site. Share it with clients as this is an informational site without Via Natura information. You can use this tool to complement the marketing collateral that we have shared with you.

Hermes Mega Catamaran Unbranded Site:

If you have not received information about Hermes Mega Catamaran yet or want to have a training session about our vessel, please contact Diego Andrade at


Embassy of El Salvador

El Salvador: A Coffee Adventure

Experience the Coffee Route in El Salvador, where Arabica beans thrive in high-altitude fields.

Start in Santa Ana, a century-old hub for high-quality coffee beans.

Challenge yourself at Central America’s largest maze, Albania´s Labyrinth, with thrilling activities like the highest swing in El Salvador.

Enjoy breath-taking views, indulge in outdoor activities, and visit coffee-centric destinations like Juayúa’s Portozuelo Park and Alegría, a charming town with excellent coffee and natural wonders.

Immerse yourself in the coffee culture at Jayaque, discovering hydroponic farms and learn about the coffee-making process.

El Salvador’s exquisite coffee awaits you.

Visit for more information.


Maya Trails

Tikal National Park

Discover the ancient wonders of Tikal National Park with MAYA TRAILS, a UNESCO World Heritage site nestled in the heart of the Guatemalan jungle. Home to the iconic Mayan ruins of Tikal, this archaeological marvel invites you to explore towering pyramids, intricate temples, and lush surroundings that whisper tales of a once-thriving civilization. Immerse your guests in the mystique of this cultural treasure, where history, nature, and archaeology converge in a breathtaking journey through time. Tikal promises a captivating adventure, showcasing the grandeur of Mayan heritage amidst the serenity of the tropical rainforest.


Yucatán Ministry of Tourism

Yucatán’s renovated towns for 2024.

Merida, the state’s capital is in the final stages of a comprehensive renovation which involves refreshing historic facades, streets, buildings, and markets in its primary Historic Centre. With a new culinary hub on Calle 47, the ‘White City’ is preparing to breathe new life into the area, enhancing its profile as a tourist destination and emphasising its historic importance.

More exciting news comes with the addition of three new Magical Towns, joining the coveted list that already includes Valladolid, Izamal, Sisal, and Maní. Tekax stands out as the perfect spot for adventure, offering exploration opportunities in its caves and grottoes. Also, making their debut as Magical Towns, Espita and Motul are two traditional communities perfect for delving into the impressive Yucatán cuisine while uncovering the cities’ pre-Hispanic history.

Journey Mexico

New product

We’re excited to share our latest product additions and experiences on Mexico’s Pacific coast, from the Riviera Nayarit to the sun soaked Costalegre. New offerings include a handful of stunning private villa rentals. Before being added to our curated collection, each villa goes through a meticulous vetting process to make sure they meet our incredibly high standards.

More information HERE




Amazonas Explorer

New Tours in Lima

We have taken full advantage of the quiet season by using the time to explore Lima and come up with some fantastic new tours- 25 of them! That’s a range of choices for everyone in the family and they cover everything from the often visited to the hardly known. Want to know more? Drop us an email at


Redefining Travel

Embark on an immersive journey beyond traditional paths with Peru Empire, exploring history, nature’s diversity, and living culture through local eyes.

Our dedication lies in offering a human-paced travel experience that allows for extended and contemplative journeys between destinations. Explore Peru’s culinary wonders with us, discovering the latest gastronomic offerings that shape the country’s unique culinary landscape.

We believe in fostering connections that go beyond the surface, creating meaningful bonds between travellers and the communities they encounter. Our commitment extends beyond trends; we aim to make a lasting, positive impact on both travellers and the regions they explore. Aligned with evolving travel philosophies, our mission is to preserve cultural and natural heritage.

Join us in the rediscovery of travel, where the journey itself becomes the destination.


Lima considered as one of the National Geographic’s most exciting destinations to visit in 2024

Once again the beauty of Peru is recognized for important organizations. In this opportunity, Lima, the Peruvian capital, has been highlighted as one of the most exciting destinations to visit in 2024, according to National Geographic’s exclusive Cool List 2024. The current year brought many recognition to the country, one of them related to our gastronomy.

Lima is the only city with two spots in the top 10 of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards this 2023. Peru achieved the award for Best South American Culinary Destination The Nikkei cuisine (Japanese-Peruvian fusion) at “Maido” earned it sixth place, while “Central” came first for its innovative focus on indigenous ingredients. 

Metropolitan Touring Peru

Peru: The Year of Gastronomy

2023 has been without a doubt a memorable year for Peruvian Gastronomy. In a culinary triumph, Peru has once again been crowned the World’s Leading Culinary Destination at the prestigious World Travel Awards (WTAs). Adding to this accolade, Maido restaurant secured the top spot at Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, showcasing Peru’s culinary prowess on the global stage.

Further celebrating the nation’s rich gastronomic heritage, Peru’s iconic Ceviche has been recognized as part of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage of humanity. This triple victory highlights Peru’s commitment to preserving and sharing its unique flavours, affirming its status as a global gastronomic powerhouse.

Contact our Experts through our email: or check our Culinary Peru program here


Venture into South America with ease, guided by Limatours

We want to end this year on a high note! That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our Regional Programs for 2024. This collection of programs provides an opportunity to journey into the breathtaking destinations of South America, while ensuring the quality and satisfaction levels expected from LimaTours across borders.

Begin your journey in Peru and venture off to the starlit salt flats of Uyuni, or to the finest vineyards of Argentina and Chile, and the off to the magnificent Iguazu Falls. Explore our Regional Programs 2024 and embark on an adventure into the diverse uniqueness of this continent with ease! For more information, contact us at


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