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With the experience I have gained as Product and Sustainability Director at Steppes Travel, I can offer a global perspective on the challenges faced by LATA members, sharing best practises I have picked up from suppliers all over the world. In a previous role, I managed a tented camp in Kenya for a couple of years, so I understand both the perspective of tour operator and supplier.

I am particularly keen to help LATA members adopt sustainable best practise, not only because it is the right thing to do but because it can also be a significant value driver for your business. With the role I have played in developing Steppes Travel’s Positive Impact Travel strategy, combined with the external learning I have done in this field, I believe I am very well placed to help LATA build on the work they have started with laying down sustainability guidelines. I am a good listener and enjoy collaborating with colleagues to find solutions to common problems so I hope I can apply some of these qualities to a place on the committee with LATA, to help our industry thrive.

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