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Rivers & Forest Expeditions
Rivers & Forest Expeditions
Rivers & Forest Expeditions
Rivers & Forest Expeditions
Rivers & Forest Expeditions

Crucero Amazonas | Luxury Amazon River Cruises

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We specialize in providing personalized and differentiated services to experienced travelers who wish to commune with nature, to learn more about the flora and fauna, as well as the customs of tribal communities in the Peruvian Amazon. Our infrastructure includes one river cruise vessel -Crucero Amazonas- that can accommodate 26 passengers and 4 skiffs for the river excursions. Additionally, our bilingual staff has ample experience in cruise services, both locally and internationally, and they are highly capable of providing the best customer experience to our passengers from all around the world.

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Contact details

Head office
Rivers & Forest Expeditions
Las Artes Norte 1116 San Borja


Adventure Travel Trade Association Member

Marketing & Sales

Maykkel Medina
(+51) 999 954 004

A trip to the Amazon is a jewel in the crown of those very special holidays. Made all the more exceptional by the vessel on which you spend your time, and the extraordinary crew who make you feel part of the family, and every day unique. A crew for whom nothing is too much trouble and every smile is so genuine, and where the young chef produces natural food from the Amazon in a way that would not be out of place in any top London restaurant. The presentation, style and tastes were a new sensation for the eye and palate. There was an outline programme of river and village trips prepared but these could, with discussion be altered to suit conditions and possible potential sightings. Our guide was an incredible man who knew his rivers and its animals, going out of his way to bring the Amazon to the guest. He, along with the skiff driver were exceptional spotters, endeavouring to make sure the traveller did not miss an event or animal. We were taken to visit reserve areas and to meet the indigenous people who welcomed us into their villages. We were also given instruction on using the long blow pipe by its maker and allowed to have a try, after which, his young girls (about 5 to 8yrs) put us to shame by showing us how good they were at such a young age; very capable of getting the evening meal! Every tribe member we met on our journey welcomed us and were very friendly. We found this all along the great river, people we had not planned to visit would offer to welcome us if time permitted. Our guide, whose English was so very good was proud of the fact that he had come from a similar village background, as had many of the crew, but he had gone on to study the subject he loved, the natural environment, and became a qualified guide. He was a credit to his family, an exceptional guide with a very good heart and humour. We were gusts in his country, and he wanted to make sure we were welcomed and saw it. The crew of the vessel were first rate, nothing too much trouble, we were made to feel part of a large family, much to the credit of our host and owner. It was an exceptional adventure that was sadly over too soon. In the evenings, however, the adventure did not end, as in the bar/lounge we were treated to sampling cocktails using the local fruits, other evenings we were introduced to the various varieties of the local spirit Pisco(much like the blends of whiskies) and we had a competition of local food preparation by the guests, at which prizes were awarded. On the last evening members of the crew introduced us to local tribal dances, this ended with the guests joining in. I have never been on a trip before where the crew and staff cared about its guests so genuinely and so well. I would highly recommend this trip, vessel and staff to anyone, without hesitation – fantastic!

Dr. Anthony Preston, GB

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