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TrenEcuador | Tren Crucero

TrenEcuador | Tren Crucero

Tren Crucero

Andes to Pacific coast stretch

TrenEcuador | Tren Crucero

Tren Crucero coaches

Coach inspired in the Baroque style

Scenic train journeys in Ecuador

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TrenEcuador is the operator of Tren Crucero train journey featuring a stunning heritage train journey from Quito in the high Andes to the port city of Guayaquil on the Pacific seaboard, made possible by the refurbishment of a 100 year old railway track that negotiates the Avenue of the Volcanoes and the world-famous Devil´s Nose as it zigzags and switchbacks its way through steep mountain passes on its way from mountains to ocean.

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Head office
TrenEcuador | Tren Crucero
Maldonado SN & Sincholagua, Estacion de Tren Eloy Alfaro, Chimbacalle

59323992100 ext 1174

General Enquiries

Victor Jaramillo
59323992100 ext 1174

Jadira Salazar
59323992100 ext 1170

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