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Brazilian Tourist Board - Embratur

Brazilian Tourist Board - Embratur

VisitBrasil - Fernando de Noronha/Pernambuco

UNESCO Natural World Heritage - Fernando de Noronha Island and Arquipelago

The Brazilian Tourist Board - Embratur

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The Brazilian Tourist Board (Embratur) is the official government agency responsible for promotion and marketing of the Brazilian destinations in international markets. The largest country in Latin America, Brazil has been on the spotlight in the media all over the world as the host for international sporting events. It is a nation recognized for its diverse ecosystems, rich culture and varied possibilities for tourism, ranging from the world’s wonders of nature as the Iguassu Falls and Amazon Rainforest to the celebrated carnival festivities in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Recife, the unique samba and bossa nova music styles, not to mention its extraordinary gastronomy with singular flavours and spices. A country where people welcome the world with wide-open arms to have memorable experiences.

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Head office
Brazilian Tourist Board - Embratur
SCN Quadra 2 - Bloco G - 2º andar
Brasilia - Brazil

+55 61 2023.8542

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