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25 years ago, as one of the owners of an Africa only specialist, cazenove+loyd, I wanted to look at adding another part of the world to our offer. I travelled extensively in South America and felt that it had all the rawness and excitement that Africa offered when we first started operating there. The offer is a lot more sophisticated now and the challenges are different but it is still the part of the world that makes my heart race and where, I believe, there is still the most opportunity to ‘add value’ to a client’s trip.

Having added Asia to our offer 15 years ago, this part of the world has now overtaken Latin America at cazenove+loyd in terms of sales and I want to spend some time trying to make a difference to the region in making it more appealing to travellers and particularly in a post Covid world. It should be far more popular for far more clients…LATA is integral to helping do that.

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