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Hi everyone – sorry about the photo but we all need a laugh right now. I think a lot of you may know me, I was on and off the LATA committee from about 1996 until 5 or so years ago. So, if you want a fresh face then vote for someone else. These are terribly hard times for everyone of course and I put myself forward to continue to contribute to LATA in any way possible – it’s an organisation – and people and companies – I love.

In terms of experience I was once a specialist Lat Am tour operator with Union Castle Travel and Last Frontiers; it’s been 16 years since I started Senderos (Marketing and PR) and moved to Bristol, then a few years later Gareth joined me and the team began growing.

Oh, and I also have some supplier /hotel experience with our family Paraty house reached only by sea, CasaCairucu.

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