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We’re sure you know that your company offers the best of Latin America, but wouldn’t you like that to be officially recognised? The LATA Achievement Awards acknowledge and reward the very best that the Latin America tourism industry has to offer.

The awards are open to all, whether or not you are a LATA Member, and you can enter as many categories as you wish.

The awards are free of charge to enter, and the deadline for submissions is the 31st July.


Entrants will need to demonstrate, where relevant, that they have:

  • achieved exceptional results

  • delivered a high quality product and exceptional customer service

  • identified or exploited new markets, income stream or opportunities

  • shown commitment to their employees through development and training and have good staff retention rates

  • Have delivered a positive impact or social value to their customers or clients or the community in which they operate

Submissions must be for activity during the period 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019.

Airline of the year

This award recognises an airline that not only offers exceptional onboard service but is also pioneering in improving connectivity to and within Latin America. Entrants can be international or domestic carriers.
– Have you launched new services from the UK to Latin America or between Latin American destinations?
– Have you introduced new on-board services to your passengers?
– Have you made Latin America a more accessible destination for UK travellers?
– Do you offer exceptional customer service?

Cruise Operator of the year

This award recognises expedition cruising at its best – waterborne adventures that visit places that are unreachable by land, guides that know their destination inside out and take guests on the ultimate journey of discovery with unparalleled on-board service. The cruise must visit Latin America (including Antarctica) for most or all of its itinerary. Do you:
– offer exceptional customer service?
– have inspiring product and innovative tours?

Destination of the year

This award recognises the places in Latin America that really capture the imagination of travellers. Whether you represent a whole country, a region, city or even a local attraction, we want to know what draws tourists to to want to visit.

DMC/Local Operator of the year

This award seeks to recognise what makes your company stand out from the competition. We all know that there are hundreds of DMCs and Local Operators in Latin America, but what makes yours the very best? Have you:
     – Achieved exceptional business results in the last year?
     – Delivered the very best experience?
     – Offered exceptional customer service?
     – Been innovative in finding new income streams and opportunities?
     – Invested in your employees through development and training?
     – Delivered a positive impact to your community?

Hotel of the year

This award recognises a hotel or group of hotels that offer themselves as much more than a hotel – an experience for guests and that elevates the hotel over its competitors. The hotel does not necessarily need to offer first class facilities but must offer something unique and special. Entrants must be located in Latin America . Do you:
– offer exceptional customer service?
– give your guests a unique and memorable experience?

Tour Operator of the year

This award recognises a tour operator which demonstrates excellence across all aspects of their business (entries in this category must specifically relate to delivery of Latin American product). Do you:
– offer exceptional customer service?
– have inspiring product and innovative tours?

Product Launch of the year

Did you launch a Latin American product that:
– was impactful and ground-breaking?
– captured the imagination of the target audience?
– brought something new to market?
– achieved impressive sales from the outset?

People award

People are the key to any successful business and we want to know what you did to make a difference in 2019. Did you:
    – create new opportunities for your employees through training?
    – implement welfare activities for your team?
    – engage them in other ways can help to make for a happy and productive workplace?

Sustainable tourism award

All businesses have a duty to operate in a way that minimises our impact on the planet, but as members of the tourism community that extends beyond our own businesses and premises and out into the rest of the world. In 2019 did you:
– introduce any schemes within your head offices to reduce waste, or use of energy and natural resources?
– implement initiatives to allow your teams to reduce the impact of commuting to and from work?
– reach out into the communities that you service to engage with local projects?
– create innovative solutions to reduce the impact of your passengers’ visits to Latin America?
– engage in community projects in Latin America?

Marketing campaign of the year

In 2019 did you launch a marketing campaign, whether a one-off or part of a sustained strategy, for Latin American product that:
– was inspiring, original & innovative?
– delivered demonstrable results in elevating the product, brand or destination?