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Kuoda Travel

Kuoda Travel. Personalized Travel Experiences: Custom Private Tours Throughout South America.

Category: Local Operators
KUODA TRAVEL is a leading provider of private, bespoke tours throughout Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina. When you decide to travel with Kuoda, you are enlisting the help of experts who not only have extensive knowledge of South American travel, but who are also masters of turning your requirements, interests and personality into an unforgettable and meaningful personalized travel experience!

Completely Customized Private Travel: For example, if you love gastronomy, we’ll build a cooking class into your itinerary and arrange a trip to a local market with a renowned chef! Moreover, we get to know you, so we can suggest things you didn’t even know you’d love! And we match our expert guides to your personality and travel style.

We Take on the Time Commitment (and Stress) of Planning and Booking a Trip so You Don’t Have To: You’ll tell us where you want to go, what you want to do and how you like to travel and we make it happen. We do the research, negotiate, manage the details, make recommendations and book it all.

We Sweat the Small (and Bigger) Stuff During Your Trip: Checking you into hotels, transferring you from airports to hotels to activities, keeping tabs on entrance tickets, dealing with on-the-ground details… You concentrate on carefree enjoyment for every moment of the trip!

Our Fabulous, Friendly Guides are the Best in the Region: They provide the context and illumination, the information and the answers to questions, the local insight and the cultural perspective that will make your trip meaningful! More than that, they are responsible for your entire experience and they revel in their role as on-the-ground ambassador and concierge!

Have Unexpected Experiences: Everyone wants to visit Machu Picchu, but we use our local knowledge to take you there and then off the beaten path in surprising and wonderful ways.

We’ve Earned the Trust of Our Guests: After over 10 years of impeccable service, many of our guests have traveled with us multiple times and have become dear friends!

An itinerary based on your travel dates, group size, needs, interests and budget! · All accommodations ·Tours, activities and entrance tickets · Private English-speaking guide and hosts · Private transportation · Key meals (freedom too!) · 24/7 Assistance and problem-solving

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Kuoda Travel
Urb. Marcavalle N-25, Cusco-Peru

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